Friends with Space

Friendship is not always about being there sometimes it is about letting the other one to be alone. I am blessed to have got such Friends who believe in me, who has faith in my decisions.
So I am writing this because recently I decided to not to be in touch with anyone for some reason so I uploaded a status clearly mentioning that no calls and messages will be answered except related to work. Even after knowing enough english to understand it, many of my friends replied asking me “what happened”, “any problem?” etc. I sincerely appreciate their efforts but they should have taken a serious note of my status and shouldn’t have messaged at first place cause it made me behave rudely by not replying. I am extremely sorry for that.

Coming to the point, on the same status one of my best friend replied, “Is it applicable to me as well?” Knowing that she is special one. but I am such a follower of the principal of equality that I answered in affirmative. Though she was talking something else, she just replied, “bye, take care. Love you a lot.” There were tears in my eyes.
Next day, as soon as I opened my whatsapp, she called me. I could not answer the call. But looking at her timing it felt as if she was just waiting for me to come online to confirm if I had waken up. As I had mentioned of messaging in my status, she dropped me a message keeping in mind my status and putting the message carefully with what she exactly wanted to talk about. I don’t need to mention her name as those who know me know her well.

This photo has been taken on the same day at Juhu beach.

There are a few who respected my decision by not replying at all or just replying “okay”!

On the other hand, there are a few who call themselves my good friends but they just kept questioning my decision and after getting some unexpected responses labeled me as an egoistic. I don’t expect all of my friends to behave just like her but I really expect them to respect my decisions which are related to myself only.