First Understand and then JUDGE

I think I should stop asking my friends for advice on others or for my relations with other people around me cause whenever I do so I have noticed that they cared about only my feelings and failed to consider the other person. They could never put themselves in the situation. Neither do they know that person well nor I can explain them how he/she is actually as I am also just trying to understand. They just keep blaming me for being me, for trusting everyone, for loving everyone which I myself never found wrong and whenever I feel so though for a few moments, I always expected my friends to strengthen my faith in love, people and this world however cruel it maybe, there’s some positivity for sure and it is with me always in the form of you(my dearest friends) and I always assure myself giving example of you that there are people like you as well. And to find out more I have to take the risk of trusting whoever comes to my way. Cause yet I don’t really have the skill of understanding people, reading their minds, differentiating between the real one and the fake one. Rather I believe no one can tell this without having an experience with the person and those experiences also might differ from person to person and as per the situation. There is no hard and fast rule by which you can come to know how the person really is. You have to trust him/her in some aspects at least a bit in respect of understanding him/her. And then you may come to the conclusion. But don’t ever judge a person on the basis of just some part of his/her behavior. Before arriving at any conclusion put yourself into the situation, try to understand what the person might have felt at that time, and what made him/her behave like that. Don’t even misjudge someone because of their earlier mistakes. If a person has committed some mistakes in the past that doesn’t always mean that he/she will repeat them. Rather he/she may have learnt a lot from them. I did never felt that judging someone is wrong but I think it should be neutral, it should be based on the real experiences and understanding.